Yes, if you are registered for Candor Conference, you will receive a direct link via email afterwards to view it On Demand at your convenience.

We will be announcing in the coming weeks via email, be sure you are subscribed to have the most up-to-date information.



Refresh your browser, and that should fix it.

Refresh your screen. If that doesn't work, use a different browser.

The top of the video is cut of.

Scroll to the bottom of the video and select the full screen button. That should fix it.

First, check your speaker settings on your computer to ensure you are using the correct output and your volume is all the way up. If your settings are correct, then try refreshing your browser.

If the audio and video are out of sync, be patient as the stream will self-correct after about 10-15 seconds. If they are still out of sync after 15 seconds, try refreshing your browser.